What is this place?

This place is a lighthouse, built to inspire and illuminate the path home for our wayward and ever wandering souls. It is a public expression of love and loyalty to God, the peacemaker. It is an idealization of my frequently challenged, foolish, and often times hypocritical Christian heart. That is, you will find no advocacy for the destruction of any person’s inner peace on this domain.

If anything here offends, please understand that my ideological position is one of constant questioning and exploration. Some of these writings may appear to suggest “fact”, but were written with the intended and implied understanding that I know absolutely nothing. This comes under the caveat that I passionately believe in the existence and infinite love of God.

All are welcome here. If you find value, please share that with me. Solace, direction, or peace for others, buried in these words, is the greatest honor imaginable and is the conqueror of my own hells.