Our steps, fluidly synchronized, drifted apart then back together then apart again remaining ever patient. This old soul intertwined with mine, neither of us in a position to come together as our earth spun around our star once… twice. Dancing our song of admiration from a distance, eyes locked, and over time, our souls re-acquainted and we came together. Fear gripped me but could not stay my hand as I looked calmly into her, reached out, and so gently brought her face to mine. Our lips, infinitely soft, touched together and in an instant an upheaval of such magnificent measure lifted every facet of our individual lives, swirling them together into the vast cosmos and bringing them down into a new world, a brighter and different place full of adventure, joy, goodness, and deep insatiable appreciation. Oh to put into words that moment, to place onto paper feeble sounds vainly attempting to contain the surge of passion and flames that overwhelmed us when we came together… truly the highest blasphemy. Re-born in that instant, forever altering path, precedence, and pursuit. The voice did not betray the heart, but the heart knew the fire well that now warmed, illuminated, and preserved it. We fell together, unblinkingly and courageously, into the meaning of conscious existence. Our loving ascension swept mind, body, and soul together into the waves and together we will remain again in this life and the next.

This wellspring of love and gratitude pushed through us both to the surface of our being and soft smiles with infant and kind eyes began singing to one another:

Head lay to pillow, starlight and breeze and rustling leaves.
Hers on my chest, hearts pacing through that sweet night air blowing to our love’s release.
A delicate kiss between heart soul and lips, humanity’s magnum opus, left breathless.

This beautiful person, so wondrously close, energy flowing through bare chests.
For the first time in ages, the mind slows and with such ease calmly rests.

Thank you my dear for this inner peace.
Thank you again for tending my flame and building this place.
I respect you and admire you and see within you a kindred spirit, wildness filled with grace.
Receive my love and patience, feel protected within our space.

When I peer upon my own reflection, the man you’re making so worthy of contemplation.
Softening exterior building patience that once was absent awaiting this notion
Of boundless love from and for you, my dear, this godly fortune cast upon our hearts direction.

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