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Here I am, standing upon the precipice, peering solemnly into the bottomless and abysmal eye of death. You may tear flesh from bone, oh wicked one, but never heart from soul. I am not afraid on this foreign perch, for my heart knows true love’s fire.

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Our steps, fluidly synchronized, drifted apart then back together then apart again remaining ever patient. This old soul intertwined with mine, neither of us in a position to come together as our earth spun around our star once… twice. Dancing our song of admiration from a distance, eyes locked, and over time, our souls re-acquainted…

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El Diablo Lobos

The insatiable hunger of the wolf stirs, a reflection of helpless prey moving, ignorant of set sights, across its warm and calculating eyes.   Thoughts of the kill consume the beast, and it determines from foresight that, though the urge to feed is strong, this one will be let go.  Even in his silent stalking, flames…

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