Wild Heart

Dew laden grass spans across a vast rolling prairie, a cool morning sun crests the horizon.  The caw of a passing crow echoes against distant mountains as the stranger lifts his head in silent prayer.  His dark business suit sits in stark contrast to the natural, road less world surrounding him.  Deep black eyes consumed the natural beauty of a pristine and still pond, croaking bullfrogs welcoming his gaze behind looming cattails, celebrating the golden dawn.  Longing for a more permanent stay in its natural home, his heart ached as it took in the fruits of its true desires.  Disrobed and naked, he plunged from the muddy banks into cold waters and found his spirit at peace as his face broke the surface and clean air filled his lungs.

“Mr. Sauvage, Mr. Faux is here for his 2 o’clock meeting.”  The waters of the prairie pond were replaced by a reflection of a pale man in a dark business suit, staring at him from distant high rises over busy gray streets.  The man’s eyes dulled and his heart slowed, leaving a hint of remorse, “Let him in, Perturbez.”  He sat in an oversized, extravagant throne and peered across a vast, ornately carved desk.  The sound of a passing police siren echoes against towering sky scrapers as the man lifts his head to take in his superficial abode.  His wild heart sits in stark contrast to the unnatural, bound world surrounding him.  Dull black eyes resisted the false beauty of technological marvels and extravagant office furnishings.  Longing to be back in its natural home, his heart ached as it again sought to take in the fruits of its true desires.  Clothed and hidden, he indulged and placated the soulless Mr. Faux so that he could add even more furnishings to his gilded, overstuffed, and empty home.

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