The Chosen Path

Celestial consciousness glides effortlessly beneath and above and within my soul, calmly loved spiritual insomnia.  Mind eye, lidless peering and open, this energy churning a cosmic heart.  God’s connection given and accepted, totally and with gratitude.

I offered to my self a moment to reflect, to meditate and express my intentions to the universe.  There are nay two paths, but a multitude.  Infinity within infinity, expansive in all directions and realms.  Boundless beyond, but also within, physical and intellectual and spiritual space.  All realities a possibility and me, with a choice.  Who am I?  Who shall I be?  How shall I be?  What is my being?  My intention then, expressed to the universe by this writ, may manifest as a pre-ordained reality as it is, by my will.

Training this eye into the folds of my spiritual brain, a reflection, I stare upon my idealized self and commit that I am the illusion and it be real and true.  I will my soul into it, discarding this shell so that I may emerge as something more aware, more connected, and more beautiful.

A considerate being, bathed in love, strength forged in star fire and tempered by gratitude.  I look upon all and love.  I look within all before speaking and perceive nature, connection, purpose, beauty, and grace.  There is not least of us nor best of us.  We simply are being and my traversal of this plane accepts that wonderous fact.  Thank you God, for my soul.

An adventurous, fearless human man.  Carnal and ferocious, present and compassionate.  Perched upon the cliffs edge, howling gale and roaring thunder, grinning aggressively into the endless storm and abyss of mortality.   The hellfire within a well trained, maintained, resilient body protects and inspires.  This sacred temple, blooming gardens, always attended, well guarded, flowing, and full.  Thank you God, for my ever burning inner and outer flames.

A curious one, engaging the world as new and unseen.  Contemplations and fervent interests rejuvenate, holding freshness in the perceived wonderment of the universal all.  Pondering I am, discovering being in every facet of the considerable reality.  The world’s gentle vibrations speak to an open mind, all is real and with purpose.  I seek to understand being and source.  Waves of thought crash rhythmically, revealing wisdom and understanding.  Thank you God, for my ajar, hungering mind.
My chosen path is growth.  I am below, and above.  I am growing and will grow and have grown.  My heart, experienced and whole, full of beauty, is mine and yours and the worlds.  My pathway keeps it open and offers it freely.  Let it bleed and learn, be enshrined in passionate flame, and be excited to be.

My path is love, I choose it completely.  It will be beneath my feet until the end of this life and into all lives beyond this life.  I spread this intention between this dimension and all other parallels.  Each iteration of existence will compound the experiences of the others, while my memories may not travel with me, my soul shall and so shall its inherent wisdom and endless gratitude for existence and awe.

I love, I am.