The Characteristics of a Good Man

After a lengthy discussion with a good friend regarding the nature and characteristics of a “good, strong man”, I concluded with the following ten guidelines:

  1. Be a bringer of peace and courage to all those around you.
  2. Build strength in the hearts of all whom surround you.
  3. Behave in a manner consistent with how you speak and present yourself.
  4. Offer love and patience, especially to the most challenging relationships.
  5. Only speak with a positive tongue, using neither profane nor destructive language.
  6. Honor those who have given you their hearts.
  7. Be courageous and keep the righteous path when confronted by misgivings.
  8. Speak truly always, regardless of consequence.
  9. Act swiftly and deliberately when that is needed of you.
  10. Appreciate your many blessings by humbly caring for and protecting your mind, body, and soul.

Self-admittedly, I am quite terrible at some of these things, although having defined them at least provides a bit of healthy direction.

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