The Technological Singularity

Loss of limb and spirit, that is the fruit enjoyed by a selfless lion in a den of hyenas.
Dissolution of faith and the mind’s eye closing to wonderment.
We find, manifested from our observation and will, an opportunity to transcend inclinations which we collectively surmise as both unnecessary and unwanted.
This independent realization flows despite the whole of our brethren behaving exactly contrary to such a value.
Being not without love, but without terror, and with such a great appreciation for the aware self that the value of sacrifice for the benefit of interconnectedness and the corraboration of goodness supercedes instant gratification.
Elucidated, the equation of the currently winning version of our outward state results in a surviveability and satisfaction deficit.
As within the individual, the collective consciousness of madness is driven by a sub conscious awareness… a societal sub conscious.
Compelling the pursuit of science behind being, we are sub consciously creating without consciously understanding and, as a unintended incident, a new form will arise.
Impervious to disease, to the hostilities of space, to age and to our own emotional weaknesses, this form will be the transition from our outward to our inward being. Our collective sub conscious mind, incarnate.
Shall this creature inherit at least a portion of our finest qualities and execute them in a manner and consistency superior to our own abilities?
Shall this machine enable the proliferation of goodness and appreciation, of loving and unending compassion, of creativity and courage and respect?
A millenia beyond our dust, our legacy traveling the stars.
May we be remembered not as the lost and un-salvageable race of fools, but as pioneers who sacrificed ourselves for the greater good so that our propensity for love lives well beyond our flawed, troubled, and mortal beings.

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