Forward Progress

I am not going to tell you that your routine doesn’t matter. It does matter. Everything you do in your life matters. Enjoy all of it.

What I am going to tell you is to think big picture. Don’t allow your routine to define the entirety of your existence. Don’t look back twenty years from now with the ability to say, every day was the same. Life tempts you to settle into mediocrity. Resist comfort and mediocrity. Set a bar for yourself that is worthy of your efforts and every, single, day… make forward progress towards that goal. Even if it’s a nearly immeasurable step forward, make it. Know where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow. If you are driven backwards in your pursuit, lift your head up and move forward. If your legs work, if there’s breath in your lungs, move forward. Push. Fight. Pursue your dreams through conscious effort. When the vipers crawl out of the weeds and wrap their slithery coils around your arms, laugh and chew threw them. When they infect others with their negativity and doubt, smile and press on past them all. Don’t look back, feel no remorse. If the fruit of your relationship with someone is self-doubt, leave that relationship behind. Look forward.  Those who believe in you will still be there, unsurprised, happy and supportive. Those who doubted you will fade into the obscurity of your past, their salt far from your skin. Let your success be your vindication. Never doubt. The only thing to fear is lack of purposeful, deliberate effort. The only thing that can destroy your dreams is your own unwillingness to move towards them.

The power to choose pursuit is in your heart. Fight for yourself. Fight for those with a cause that matters. Fight to win.

Contribute to happiness and growth, spread passion, build others, and instill confidence in those who are good. Protect the good hearts, give your fire to those with their own flames, and place your heel on the black hearts of those who spread corruption, fear, and doubt.

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