A group of men and women, hailing from all walks of life, gather around a large crackling fire in the late evening under glimmering stars. A Jewish Rabbi lights a tobacco pipe as he laughs at the animated story telling of a gypsy and his wife, children running and dancing to acoustic music amongst whimsical embers blowing frivolously into the dark. The purpose of this gathering, while significant, is also quite insignificant due purely to its frequency. The world has set aside its desperation, and humanity has accepted the core of its own goodness. This night, like all nights and days since that event, is a celebration.

An awakening, like a fresh bubbling wave to an unclean shore, has washed over the whole of humanity. Not a single beating or yet to be beating heart was spared the rejuvenating, brilliant flames of compassion and grace. The path forward, so wonderful, blinded us to the dusty path opposing our heels. That moment, just as any other prior to it, was a new opportunity to be better than the preceding moment. Everyone agreed, with this new clarity, that it was simply time to be better and to work together towards greater meaning.

Descriptions of the sensation experienced at the inflection point vary…. But most would agree that it was perhaps similar to realizing suddenly that you have a new type of skin, or set of eyes that you didn’t realize were there but WERE there after all. The whole world just became one, bound by an endless stream of reciprocated gratitude.

Spiritual and religious leaders call it the breath of God, or Heart of Allah. Evolutionists claim that it was a naturally induced shift which was necessary for the survival of an intelligent race that is sophisticated enough to self-destroy. Some debate that theory due to the precedence of evolution being small isolated mutations over long periods of time. In this instance, efficacy was given no test. Regardless, every scholar agrees with everyone else that it was an excellent and much needed alteration to our often times maligned course. Like a universal light switch, every man, woman, and child across every populated and remote corner of the earth, in unison and without warning, found themselves immersed in a profound and boundless presence of gratitude for all things and one another. As though some almighty force landed on earth and walked calmly amongst us, placing a single loving spirit on the shoulders of every person all at once.

Warriors on distant battlefields set their arms aside and walked towards one another smiling, laughing, and embracing. Divisions rested and dissolved and by seeing so clearly now into one another, by looking simultaneously inward and outward, human beings are finally embarking on some new journey that feels very much like real progress towards a better existence.

Now we’re moving, efficiently, towards a common goal of better understanding. Understanding solves challenges. It will see us off of this planet and into the stars. It will put us in balance with the splendid world within which we live. We are all responsible for it, and we all want it. We love, we are thankful to be loved, and we want to express our affection by dancing with the things that have for so long wanted to dance with us in gratitude. We are and will always be together. It is best to say simply, thank you, and be at peace.

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