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The Chosen Path

Celestial consciousness glides effortlessly beneath and above and within my soul, calmly loved spiritual insomnia.  Mind eye, lidless peering and open, this energy churning a cosmic heart.  God’s connection given and accepted, totally and with gratitude. I offered to my self a moment to reflect, to meditate and express my intentions to the universe.  There…

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Thank You

Some days I am a fool. I am angry. I am sad. I am not nearly as smart as I’d like to be. I am weak. All days I am thankful. I am in love. I feel small. Thank you, I love you. I’ll be better. I’ll work to be the best possible version of…

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A group of men and women, hailing from all walks of life, gather around a large crackling fire in the late evening under glimmering stars. A Jewish Rabbi lights a tobacco pipe as he laughs at the animated story telling of a gypsy and his wife, children running and dancing to acoustic music amongst whimsical…

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A Practical Guide to Being Better

NOTE:  This is a work in progress.  It is meant to serve as a practical guide to improvement. A brand of madness brought about by choice.  Our conscious mind, driving a fraction of our decisions, compels us on occasion to usurp our subconscious by believing strongly that an abrupt leap from a lovely path into the…

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The only thing that can destroy your dreams is your own unwillingness to move towards them.

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Forward Progress

I am not going to tell you that your routine doesn’t matter. It does matter. Everything you do in your life matters. Enjoy all of it. What I am going to tell you is to think big picture. Don’t allow your routine to define the entirety of your existence. Don’t look back twenty years from…

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The Technological Singularity

Loss of limb and spirit, that is the fruit enjoyed by a selfless lion in a den of hyenas. Dissolution of faith and the mind’s eye closing to wonderment. We find, manifested from our observation and will, an opportunity to transcend inclinations which we collectively surmise as both unnecessary and unwanted. This independent realization flows…

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A Questionable Late Hour

It is simple to say, “I know nothing”, however that statement is logically broken. If you know that you know nothing, then you know something. If you know something, then you are capable of knowing. If you are capable of knowing without having to learn the something that you know, which would be the case…

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Merus & Mr. Sapi

The sounds of shattering dishes and screaming permeate the wall to the next room.  Young children sit before a broken television in a futile attempt to quiet their restless minds.  One sibling leans to his older brother and whispers, “I wonder if they are going to get a divorce?”  The older brother sighs as he…

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The Characteristics of a Good Man

After a lengthy discussion with a good friend regarding the nature and characteristics of a “good, strong man”, I concluded with the following ten guidelines: Be a bringer of peace and courage to all those around you. Build strength in the hearts of all whom surround you. Behave in a manner consistent with how you…

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