Enshrouded, the once flaming soul has grown tepid. The benefactor is a recipient of the fruits of shortsighted judgment. When all is alight with goodness in our lives, little consideration is provided to the ever-present wraiths that seek to extinguish those things. Maintaining the kindling requires a conscious effort. Understand why we do, why we see first what we see before other things, the source of our feelings and drives. Understand and recognize our own darkness, face that darkness, conquer that darkness. Know the evil that compels us to engage our nefarious tendencies, and by the grace of God, choose passionately and firmly to refuse those compulsions. Sever the vile arm; sow shut the mouth that holds the twisted tongue, and pluck the putrid eye. Detach the infected and toss it aside with prudence and deliberateness.  Do not take these words literally and be logical. The vile arm is violence, the twisted tongue is lies, the putrid eye is coveting or lust, and so on.

Build an insurrection against the shades of your heart. Inventory that which takes from the light and that which builds upon it, passing into and expelling from your spirit in a manner befit to building again, the glowing soul. Genuine love, that which should rest alongside and at the conclusion of your newly carved path. The treasure of pain resides in the knowledge of its juxtaposition, that is, what brings and proliferates joy. Love of all things, depth in appreciation, a humble spirit, respect for all, and utter goodness. Pursue these components of the light, capture and enjoy the splendor of a re-born spirit, like a Phoenix soaring from the smoldering ashes, alight again, and renewed.

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