Dark Pool

Still beneath a blazing black sun
Dead trees life drained into the pool
Liquid shadow, it pulls you into its depths
Taunting your sanity an illusionary reflection
Welcoming malleable minds to a cold embrace
The onlooker sits beneath bare branches, back turned
never respondent to the qualms of tortured worms
He disregards the bottomless abyss, but never warns a wary approacher
Lifeless rocks yield no sign of the decay lapping at their base
slip in and fade away never to return from the viscous cloud
your face ever staining relentless ripples, an empty shell of a lost pursuit
drink the sorrow of millions, drink it up into a full belly and take within compassion
turn your back to the oily murk, sit silently still, disregard an opaque hell from which no vestment protects
question it, peer over your shoulder and regret as it draws you in, as you find yourself peering from the depths of the dark pool

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