Test of Faith

Befitting, friend, to find within you a tumultuousness pressed into your heart as you finally realize that great human flaw.  The seldom reciprocated, frequently misplaced loyalty that in some absurd fashion finds itself fervently guiding your relationships against your better interests.  We’re silly ones, aren’t we?  I beseech you yet again, I implore you to wake up.   Wipe that haze from your eyes and blink away the dust of bias and faulty experience.

You enjoy the fires of others, and yet are surprised to be burned when you approach the source of their flames?  It is not humans who are flawed, you have not been let down.  Your challenge that you must overcome is that your expectations are based on only your view and experiences.  Take into consideration their views and experiences and love who they are without expectation.  The color and diversity of the world is its beauty.  Chaos and formlessness, bound together and made cohesive by an ultimate expression of love.

You will be hurt, and you will be disappointed, just as you will disappoint and hurt others.  If you are true in your appreciation and love for them, and they for you, you will grow together through the painful mistakes and develop an otherwise not accessible greater love for the world you’re in.

This place was never meant to be pleasant, simple, or predictable.  It is an expression of beauty.  This world offers you access to something few worlds offer, and that is true closeness.  Be delicate with those you care about, even when they deserve otherwise.  Treat the least of yours with the best of your intentions and have faith.  Do not be displeased, for I am good.

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