Mantle of Objection

A stern heart, ye courageous one, dawning the mantle of objection.
To inquire of something comfortable or even dear, its goodness and suitability.
A task for the brave, to cut away unseen and rose-laden briars.
Seek fault through an unfettered lens, seek it in the most sensitive of places.
Discover then, opacity and questions and eventually clarity where before was none.
Scrutinize and lay bare the differences between faithful and dependent compulsions.
If the lid peels away to reveal a flaming and love filled heart, be at ease.  If it reveals the insatiable hunger, the impatient, and the destructive… let it see little more than the blades of your shoulders growing ever smaller in a growing distance.  Without prejudice, cast it upon an abysmal heart and let it never again grow close to or reside within your temple.

Is it good to you?
Is it kind?
Is it patient?
Is it calm?
Does it make you feel good?
Does it make you feel kind?
Does it make you feel patient?
Does it make you feel calm?
Do you trust it?
Does it attract other good fruit?
Does it repel other good fruit?
Does it attract bad fruit?
Does it pursue your heart?
Does it pursue peace on your behalf?
Does it build you?
Does it destroy things about you that you value?
Does it limit you?
Do you respect it?
Do you have faith in its goodness?
Do you trust it to behave in its own true best interest, or does it self-destroy?
Does it compel closeness to the source?
Does it repel you from the source?
Are you happy with it?
Is it happy with you?
Do you admire yourself more as a result of it?
Do you see goodness in others as a result of it?
Do you feel stronger because of it?
Do you feel more confident because of it?
Will it help bring you closer to your aspiring self?
Will it push you away from your dreams?
Does it contribute to your wholeness?
Does it destroy your garden or the things you love?

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