Inflection on the Life Path

Again the gaze trains itself upon an inflection point, a beacon, an opportunity to shift.
Fine lines crease ageing eyes, the veteran mind reflects… once again taking inventory of what is missing and what is needed, of what would be lost and would could be gained.
The soul accountant weighs and calculates, determines risk and mitigates.
To commit loveless will build a steep, greased and perch-less slope of material wealth that dives into a glimmering abyss of perpetual dissatisfaction and conflict.
Piles of sparkling, toxic venom may illicit the envy of young souls but would certainly garner the sadness of i am, of the great good.
So disruptive, this path would be to inner peace and to inter-connectedness that being close to the things that offer true love may be rendered impossible.
To grasp faithfully at the heart fire, even in vain but with courage, even at the expense of the illustrious illusion of societal comfort, would yield more understanding and more closeness.
There is only one thing to inventory in this world, and that is closeness, which is depth in appreciation and genuine love.
Taking any path that serves to deviate to pursuits alternative to closeness is a mistake.


Open your heart, dance in your flames.
Never extinguish, never delay
an opportunity to love or a moment to play

Engage your soul, the great I Am’s waves.
They compel passion and patience,
cleansing and renewing that long lost faith.

Strengthen your body, the will’s resolve swells.
Go again my friend, share with this gift your fond path you know well.
Go again into the light, inscribe in love and fire a story they’d tell.

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