Contemplate, calm and mindful, respect worthy discipline.

Tend the heart fire.  My courage and honor is visible in my passion.
Rest thought exhibition. I light no purposeless mayhem in others.
Emotions communicate will. I employ my responses strategically.
Goodness within.  I perpetually appreciate, participate, listen, and learn.
Embrace admirable ones.  I surround myself with those who mostly exhibit qualities I respect and value.
Acknowledging weakness.  I tread a path paved by failures.
Avoid surprises.  None of those failures were unexpected.
Bring the smile.  I am perceived as a well of fresh positivity and strength.
Humbled by all.  I am a bearer of light, I love deeply and I am attentive to beauty.
Charisma conquers.  I crush my challenges by building my friends.
Refrain from routine.  I am adventurous, I explore, and I change.
Respect the temple.  I am mindful of what I bring into my inner sanctum, my garden is well tended.

I am a relentless, disciplined, calculating, strong, and intelligent leader.

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