Call it the sun and kneel, as the moon, the wind, the statue, the intangible ghosts of man, and it is all the same.  Breathe the sweet air of a hundred million years ago to today and call it a name, yet it is still the same.  Label it, cage it, and attach your ego to it though without you it is still the same as it is without a cage or label.

Kill for it, though it does not long for the death of others for its sake.  Love for it and you may see your reflection in an unblinking, golden eye.

Hate for it as a fool you hate only for yourself as it wants nothing for it is already everything.

Own it like you own the wind, or a thought.  Own it like you think you own yourself.  Claim fealty over it like an ant claiming fealty over the mountain.

Claim that others do not know it as you do, as though they cannot.  Be a mindless wretch who thinks he has that which cannot be had by others, though they too are made of it and it of their love.

Swear to all that you cherish that you are sworn to it without a single thought that it is not without but is within you.

Feel the blood warmth of your heart as it comprises the true ego, never running from it, never looking away from it as its love is what you are.

In dark places it serves you strength, it breathes courage into the weak, and it solidifies the resolve of great souls who see its selfless benefit to us all.

Let it peel away falsities and let it speak to your core in times of question, in times of hate, in times ruled by the feverish fears of man.  Use its shield and its relentless love for all to forge a world of understanding, growth, and true prosperity.

Take its hand and discard the label, the cage, the ego, and let it guide you to where it lives in the hearts of others.  In their homes, dine with them as it does at their table and love them as it loves us all.  Be patient with them as it is patient with you and find yourself in a better place of understanding.

Let it love you as well you should love yourself for it is in you and you are of it.

Now travel this path again, and again, and again, and again, until you see and feel it clearly.

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