The Beautiful Hume

There are many things in this world, many people and many paths.  These things are of the earth, and similar to the physicality of gravity pulling the stone towards the earth’s perpetually spinning and liquid iron core, they too pull our being and spirit towards the dirt.  This is the plight of humanity; our challenge to smile with our one good eye pointed towards the sun while our face and soul is smashed into the dust.  Our beautiful, passionate race is driven by endless romanticism and idealization.  It is led by our tenacious persistence in the pursuit of better despite the worse.  Some of us live by pain, others of us live by joy, and others still live by indifference.  We are all living, and we are all beautiful.
It is incredible, the obstruction that manifests itself in the most unexpected places as if carefully engineered to match exactly what we are meant to overcome at that exact moment in our lives.  Some push, and push, and push feeling little lament in the removal of the obstructions.  It is painful and full of sorrow, being human, but there is no greater existence in the whole of the universe.  When our families, our loves, and our lives leave us with but the grit of our teeth, we persevere and train our gaze to the sky to smile calmly at the passing clouds in patient anticipation of the setting sun.
To deepen our self-understanding, we embrace the opportunity to breathe reality into our hell at every turn.  We accept the test and we accept our fate.   We are human, and we fight.  When we are told we can’t, we do.  When we are told we are weak, we show strength.  When we are told we are heartless, we show love and compassion.  Tell us now then, that we will not prevail.  Tell us that we will fail to unify under one sky and overcome our selfish fear.   Oh great race of problem solvers let us be told that we will fade into obscurity as quickly as we gained consciousness in the short existence we have enjoyed in the universe.


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