Massive planets pass by the Supreme Being as it considers them not even for an instant.  With no lag it travels from universe to universe, ever mindful of its many creations and the perfection of the prodigious and flawless machine.  Traversing the cosmos, neither searching nor questioning for all of the corners belonged to that by which they were created.  The being knew all and was never mistaken, but alas was discontent and compelled to create.  A creator such as this never questions, because it knows… and because it knows of its own discontent the order of the universe was shifted by an intentional chaos as instantly as the discontent found itself upon the god.  An eternal span of well oiled universes offered no mystery, no unpredictability, because they were all under the control of the Supreme Being.  Its discontent arose from boredom, from being in control.  To satiate its desire to lose control, it created intelligent life.  A solemn existence in the universe may have been eased by the advent of another supreme being such as it, but as with the planets and the stars… it would have merely been another flawless piece of the great machine, and its beauty would have been lessened were it not grown.

The god created an intelligent life, on a miniscule scale, so that it could grow on its own and create on its own, or be destroyed by its own hand or the machine within which it lived.  Relinquishing control over the life and letting it choose its own path gave it a chaotic natural placement.  By its very nature, being intelligent and living in a universe where all things had a purpose, the intelligent life was a disrupter of order.  It was capable of deviating from a pre-specified intended purpose, or so it thought, for its intended purpose was to deviate and to become as the god that created it.  Vibrating from birth, trying to maintain control through its infancy so that it did not destroy itself and so that it could live into eternity and create as its creator created them, the intelligent life felt love and hate and things that motivated a chaotic being to have order.

Ever present and always attentive, the creator stopped traveling the cosmos and simply watched the intelligent life grow, suffer, complicate, conquer, and love.  Abstaining from interfering so that the life could fulfill the intention of their creation, the Supreme Being loved them as they grew to love one another and their meager existence.  They bravely perceived a universe much greater than themselves and looked unblinkingly into the skies, longing to contemplate and understand the world of existence and beyond.  Full of love and courage, the life opened its eyes wider and wider and found the Supreme Being smiling down upon them.  Their love connected them to their maker and they smiled back.  They knew that they too were loved; for the god they saw smiling back at them had offered a place by its side… they had only but to choose to be as their god.  They found peace amongst themselves and the life grew and grew, now motivated only by love and a desire to create other life that they could love as their creator loved them.  The universe came to know life as it spread and perpetuated, the Supreme Being was no longer alone, and no longer in control… though always powerful, its love compelled an offering of equality between it and the new supreme beings that stood by its side.  Together they watched the universe grow, and together they smiled down upon it.

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