God’s Love

The bird flies, but does it think “I am flying, how wonderful?”  The fish swims, but does it smile and say to itself, “I am swimming, how wonderful?”  The cheetah runs, but has it ever stopped to consider, “I am so swift, how wonderful?”.  All of the beasts in this world may or may not be aware of their gift, but at least one beast is aware.

When I sit and look into my lover’s eye and I whisper “I love you” as an expression of deep appreciation for the existence of this person in my life… I realize that there is an even deeper love than what I am expressing.  What love would I have were I not actually able to love?  What appreciation and sense of awe and gratitude would I enjoy as I considered the universe, were I not actually able to consider these things?  What sense of grandeur would I have, were I not able to consider the odds of my conscious existence in the scope of the seemingly infinite universe?

This is God’s love.  It is found in those incredible moments that we experience when our spirit and mind merge into a passionate sense of awareness and appreciation for the magnificent everything.  These moments are possible, and truly felt, by human beings.  That possibility is the love and gift of God.

I love my lover because I am in a universe where I can be a lover.  I appreciate the splendor of the sun and the planets and the glorious universe because I am a special being in a special place where this appreciation and awareness is possible.

In such a place, spiritual awareness and the ability to be conscious of our own existence in such a way that we can appreciate our place and our power to love is the rarest and most amazing gift conceivable.

Despite ideological, philosophical, or religious standings… the gift is the gift.  No explanation or justification of reality can refute the absolute beauty of what it means to be a human being.

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