Cool shallow waves brush still dry skin above softened feet,
Once weathered hands a-braised by sand, strong body and soul feels weak.
The core breathes deeply salty clean air safe from subversions leaden grip,
A sirens howl distant thoughts now as time heals away an eminent burden’s trip.
No crucial task nor fervent whim penetrates star’s light below,
Calm skin to touch be bare against again a moonlit sea’s nighttime flow.
Fiery heart-realms resume to flicker taunting past bright immolations,
Please welcome home again your master’s keeper who though lost regains faith’s correctives.
Forgiveness to a man who lost away such purity exchanged for grace,
Purchasing an opportunity falling hard to prove against a fool himself still plays.
World family’s hand in heart to bathe cleanse repent amends,
Father figure from above hands to shoulder warm smiles cross paths over sins.
Embers warmly glow lids crack light pours in,
Greatness times emerging humanity’s compassion no longer sleeping now loved within.



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