Back to the Blue Green

“I spill into life with an open heart, my soul, spirit, and love,” A gruff voice echoes from behind a cascading wall of water.  Aggression occasionally permeates the creature, however behind the static calmly rests something full of passion. “We are of a fellowship, and are familiar.  When god’s blue-green eye fell upon us, it instilled both a desire for compassion and an innate instinct to survive.  Our existence is naturally bi-polar, as it must be… when the world is full of freedom.”

Both distaste and an insatiable love for life filled the creature’s breast as it inhaled deeply, the clean crisp air of the mountains.  Pondering upon itself and the others with whom it shared this place, a pit of solitude ran long through its heart.  Not typically making habit of speaking internalized things aloud, this particular day seemed even more unique and special than yesterday.

“Some fall by the wayside as the world turns on its axis, spinning through a vast cosmos into seeming perpetuity.  Lost souls heads rest on still ground, the universe nothing more than a reflection in their eyes, growing smaller and smaller as it passes them by into the horizon.”

It considers a memory of a past lover, with her head on its side, as he shrinks away in the reflection of her eyes.  A prodigious hole stares into his body, unblinking and lacking compassion or remorse.  Its unforgiving gaze trained on his heart, never letting go and never forgetting.

“I suppose that calamity hungers for my peace.  It may be fair of me to acknowledge its presence, but my will perseveres in the wake of the hunger of that glutton which will not satiate.  Occasionally, the question mark imprints my brain, though flying on the back of the blue-green universe saves.  Is it possible to take the hand of a sideways soul and bring it aboard the sailing ship without slowing time? To imagine myself capable of pulling someone into this place where I reside… is it even possible?”

Contemplating a shared salvation, warmth envelopes and bathes a seasoned wretch.  The only justification is in the utilization of experience to breed peace.  We are all one mistake away from hell, and we are all a single act from salvation.  Regardless of what we believe the distance from the blue-green to be, it is always but a single step from our heel.  The turn is simply forgiveness, a concept that we easily ask of others but rarely offer to ourselves.  The heart knows our truths, and our lies, we hide from it because it knows us.  The turn back to the eye of god is to love our heart and let it know us freely.  Accept ourselves, and love ourselves in spite of our glorious flaws.  Internal acceptance instills an understanding of the hearts of others, and through this love we can love the world without holding back.

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