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Diabolus in Dissimulo

“A good man leads a good life,” said the devil to his demons.  “Hide in his heart; hide in his soul and his spirit.  Don’t let him know you are there.  Observe me.” Charlie walked for what seemed like miles, along the grassy trails of lush mountains.  His flower was in his heart and he…

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The Exiled Spirit

*Thump Thump…. *Thump Thump… the sound of my own heart is the only thing distinguishing the line between what has become my existence and the infinite blackness that is my hell. Do I deserve this? Should I have offered merit to the consequences that were sure to follow in close suit as a counter-measure to…

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My Neighbors Window

My feet slid from the sheets of my bed and found themselves warmed by the soft slippers quietly awaiting them on the floor. Deep morning breaths filled me with coffee and pancakes and bacon and eggs. A body well loved seemingly floats from the chamber into a light filled abode. Beauty smiles at me from…

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