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Meaningful Anchor

Lydia was shocked when the notice first arrived.  The initial excitement of winning such a prestigious award eventually

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If you are unable to discern whether or not something is good or bad, observe its fruit.

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The Beautiful Hume

There are many things in this world, many people and many paths.  These things are of the earth, and similar to the physicality of gravity pulling the stone towards the earth’s perpetually spinning and liquid iron core, they too pull our being and spirit towards the dirt.  This is the plight of humanity; our challenge…

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Cool shallow waves brush still dry skin above softened feet, Once weathered hands a-braised by sand, strong body and soul feels weak. The core breathes deeply salty clean air safe from subversions leaden grip, A sirens howl distant thoughts now as time heals away an eminent burden’s trip. No crucial task nor fervent whim penetrates star’s light below, Calm skin to…

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God’s Love

The bird flies, but does it think “I am flying, how wonderful?”  The fish swims, but does it smile and say to itself, “I am swimming, how wonderful?”  The cheetah runs, but has it ever stopped to consider, “I am so swift, how wonderful?”. 

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Cage City

The youth of my flesh wanes, life drawing lines near calm eyes.  Some time has passed since falling into the cage city, my co-inhabitants meandering in their own filth. 

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Dark Pool

Still beneath a blazing black sun Dead trees life drained into the pool Liquid shadow, it pulls you into its depths Taunting your sanity an illusionary reflection Welcoming malleable minds to a cold embrace The onlooker sits beneath bare branches, back turned never respondent to the qualms of tortured worms He disregards the bottomless abyss, but never…

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Call it the sun and kneel, as the moon, the wind, the statue, the intangible ghosts of man, and it is all the same.  Breathe the sweet air of a hundred million years ago to today and call it a name, yet it is still the same.  Label it, cage it, and attach your ego…

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The Path

To care is to enable, celebrate, and acknowledge To love is to participate, appreciate, listen, and learn To hate is to hold back, break down, imprison, and destroy To be free is to disregard, be mindless, be enabled, and be without To be imprisoned is to have ego, to possess, and to covet To be…

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Back to the Blue Green

“I spill into life with an open heart, my soul, spirit, and love,” A gruff voice echoes from behind a cascading wall of water.  Aggression occasionally permeates the creature, however behind the static calmly rests something full of passion. “We are of a fellowship, and are familiar.  When god’s blue-green eye fell upon us, it…

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